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Righting Wrongs: Differentiating Revenge and Avenge

Nov 28, 2018

It can be an empowering emotional experience when we hear or see someone say that they want to avenge their lost loved ones. Inversely, it can be chilling when they speak of taking revenge because they may be heading down a dark path. Avenge and revenge are two powerful words with distinct meanings that can be used to describe important actions and character development, both in and out of literature. However, some people can still confuse the two due to their phonetic similarities—and this mistake significantly alters the message. To right this wrong, we have to know their key differences. Both avenge and revenge originate from the Latin vindicare, which means “to lay claim to, a......

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A Leap of Faith into Fantasy: Dana Fraedrich

Nov 22, 2018

Fantasy author Dana Fraedrich of the Broken Gears series tells us all about her latest published work, Raven’s Cry, as well as her experiences, challenges, and takeaway lessons as a novelist. Dana Fraedrich is no stranger to writing; she started writing as soon as she began reading, and she spared no blank slate from her thoughts and ideas. “When I was younger, I wrote in anything: notebooks, on our old desktop computer, whatever was around.” It didn’t take long before she took that leap from writing for leisure to writing for a living. She had some inspiration to back her big decision. “Robin McKinley’s bio inspired me to take the first step. At the time, I was about the same age......

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Prepare for Trouble: Differentiating All Ready and Already

Nov 21, 2018

It's all too easy to misuse words that have nearly the exact same pronunciation and spelling. Among these confusing word pairs, the renegade tandem of all ready and already is one of the most notorious. Mistaking one for the other can't be taken lightly, as it changes a great deal about what you're trying to say. Sometimes, it even renders the entire sentence nonsensical. Thankfully, we’re going to do something about that. For starters, these two are different parts of speech: already is an adverb whereas all ready is an adjective phrase. As an adverb, already modifies verbs to mean that the action was done “before now, before a specified time, or so soon.” Keep in mind that it ca......

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 19, 2018

It’s nearly Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? Other than the awesome stuff that 2017 has brought us so far, we at 1-Hour Proofreading are also thankful for the feast that we will be sharing with our families. Ever wondered why we have these food and decor during Thanksgiving? We have! Our researchers did a little digging, and here’s what we know about our Thanksgiving feast favorites. Corn Most of the food we have during Thanksgiving are said to have been part of the first Thanksgiving feast eaten by the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. As with many other cultures today, corn was a staple food of the Native Americans. Moreover, it was one of the first crops that t......

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Judy Blume: Author and She-ro

Nov 15, 2018

As readers, it is such a great feat for us when we manage to find authors who create characters that stay with us until we grow up. However, what’s even more special is when we find authors who transcend fiction and become heroes themselves. Judy Blume is not only a bestselling author of children’s and young adult fiction; she is also one of the frontrunners in the fight against censorship. Blume is a native of New Jersey. She shares in her website that even though she was imaginative as a child, she never thought of becoming a writer. Whatever stories that had remained in her head had never been written down on paper. Instead, she wanted to become a teacher. In 1961, she graduat......

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Grammar Chaos: The Red Tape between Elicit and Illicit

Nov 14, 2018

Have you ever caught yourself trying to tell apart similar-sounding words such as elicit and illicit? If you can’t wrap your head around these homophones, here’s a bit of help! Some people know things that other people don’t—at least when the latter are still young. For example, kids aren’t allowed to watch some TV shows or movies that adults watch because of “grown-up” themes. Soon, these same kids grow up and realize that certain words that sound alike often don’t mean the same thing. So what was it the grown-ups were watching? Elicit or illicit content? We’ll put your mind to rest by starting with the answer to the above question, which is illicit. Merriam-Webster (MW) defines......

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Once Upon a Time: A Swan Song

Nov 12, 2018

Once Upon a Time bid farewell to its audiences last May 18 after seven seasons on the air. Although the final season featured an almost-fully revamped cast, the original Storybrooke squad returned for the show’s swan song. Once Upon a Time (OUAT) premiered back in 2011 with a promising plot: Emma Swan, a tough and cunning bail bondsperson, is greeted on her 28th birthday by her son at her door. Her son, Henry, later explains that she has to travel to a small town in Maine called Storybrooke, where lived a cast of characters eerily similar to the ones in the fairy-tale book that Henry has. Henry believes Emma was the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, and the Savior who wi......

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On Vlogging and Vanquishing Mental Illness: John Green

Nov 08, 2018

With intimate, inspiring stories that have captured today’s youth and shed light on various social issues—such as mental and physical illness, peer pressure, and LGBT—vlogger and author John Green has stood as a rising figure in American young adult fiction for over a decade. However, not many readers know that his stories are almost autobiographical in nature, as he has lived his whole life fighting demons of his own. Green was born on August 24, 1977, in Indianapolis, Indiana, the elder of Mike and Sydney Green’s two sons. Shortly after Green’s birth, the family moved to Michigan and Alabama before eventually settling in Florida. When Green was around six years old, he began to......

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