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Writers keep trying to be original, but let’s face it: in fiction, nothing is really original anymore. And there’s proof! The Seven Basic Plots is a book by psychologist Christopher Booker about, well, the seven basic plots most often used by writers and most enjoyed by readers. Even though the title says seven, there are actually nine mentioned in the book. According to Booker, the additional two plots are rare but are recently making a comeback in fiction. Critics have initially dismissed Booker’s theory on the basic plots, but it is of good use to beginning writers. These basic frameworks can help give direction to your story. Read on to find out where these plots can take your... Read more

Author Charlene A. Wilson shared with us some tips about writing, why she loves her fans, and why you should read her new book, Fire and Fantasy. Wilson started writing at a young age, fueled by her imagination. “I’ve had vivid dreams since childhood, and in my teens, I used to tell little stories about some of them. It was easy since dreamer’s omniscience lets me see many sides of what was happening. Several of my friends asked me to write them down, and it soon became a favorite pastime.” Later on, writing became more than just a pastime. It became a habit. She writes almost daily, anywhere between one hour and ten hours, but she makes it a point to work on her books every day.... Read more

Have you ever been stuck at the supermarket checkout? Have you tried to check out of a hotel by yourself? Have you ever been confused whether to use checkout or check out when writing the word or phrase down? If your answer to the final question is yes, then check this article out. Before we go any further, let us first clarify: yes, there is definitely a difference between checkout and check out. These aren’t words that you can randomly interchange because one of them simply went out of style some years ago. So let’s get to defining. Checkout, the single word, can be used as both a noun and an adjective. Check out is its verb phrase. Sometimes, check out is spelled as check-out.... Read more

Darren Shan is one of very few authors who, through the power of words, possesses the amazing ability to make your skin crawl. Born in London, O’Shaughnessy’s family moved to Limerick, Ireland, when he was six years old. He has lived there ever since. O’Shaughnessy started writing short stories and comics at fourteen, most of which were left unfinished. He joined a TV scriptwriting competition at age fifteen, where he placed runner-up for a dark comedy called A Day in the Morgue. At age seventeen, he finished Mute Pursuit, a manuscript that was never published. After the experience, O’Shaughnessy decided to focus on writing novels rather than short stories. O’Shaughnessy pursued de... Read more

I hope everyone is enjoying their time. My name is Dhea Olesen, founder of 1-Hour Proofreading. I know Thanksgiving means different things to different people. But to me, I'm taking it literally as a time to celebrate our appreciation of things in life. With this, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting our start-up. Since 1-Hour Proofreading was launched, we have been overwhelmed by the number of users registering every day and trusting their papers to us, from business letters, personal statements, and resumes, to novels, short stories, and academic papers and journal articles. As we strive to be the most reliable editorial service provider that promotes and o... Read more

Besides homonyms, which words get interchanged a lot? Words with common spellings. If you’ve accidentally used besides when you should have used just beside, then maybe you should read on. The confusion with the usage of beside and besides mostly stems from the fact that both of them are prepositions. Even so, they are used very differently. Beside is a preposition that means “next to, nearby, or on the side of.” If you look at a rainbow, you’ll see that the color orange is beside the color yellow. In the alphabet, letter C is beside letter D. Here are more examples.    I placed the car keys beside the hanging pot.    The fire exit may be found beside the gar... Read more

Whether you suffer from a medical condition or simply need to relieve yourself of stress, writing is the activity for you. Writing provides an opportunity for a person to get rid of undesirable thoughts and feelings. Simply put, writing gives a sense of freedom, as the writer lets go of negative energy Over the years, research has shown that writing can be therapeutic. Better sleep, ability to deal with trauma, and relaxation and overall effectiveness are just some of the health benefits of writing. Better Sleep In a busy world, a good night’s sleep is increasingly becoming a luxury. Luckily, writing is a very good alternative for drugs or medical procedures meant to get a g... Read more

Kazuo Ishiguro is the 2017 awardee for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The announcement was made last October 5 by Professor Sara Danius, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy. Ishiguro, known for novels such as The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go, was given praise for his works which are of “great emotional force” and “has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world.” Born November 8, 1954, in Nagasaki Japan, Ishiguro moved to the United Kingdom at age five with his family, returning to Japan only as an adult. He graduated from the University of Kent in the late 1970s with a degree in English and Philosophy. He then went on to study Cre... Read more