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You just finished working on a paper with hours away from the deadline, and you couldn’t find someone to edit your work professionally. Worry no more! 1-Hour Proofreading is here to solve your editing woes in record time, guaranteeing only superb quality!

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Sometimes no matter how much we pore over our own writing, we fail to spot our own mistakes. This is probably because oftentimes we read what we believe we wrote instead of what is actually written. Our proofreaders will check your document with a fresh pair of eyes. A second look over your document to polish it further is definitely recommended. Our experienced team can handle all types of documents, from novels and academic papers to blogs and other write-up materials.


Proofreading or Copyediting?

Introduce your work to us by providing the word count of your document. Next, let us know what service you expect, whether proofreading, copyediting, or both. Lastly, specify the style guide you want us to follow, be it the Chicago Manual of Style, Oxford, APA, or Harvard, or any personal style preference you want to apply to your document. Click here to learn more.


Editors at Work

Allow us to review your document and the type of service you need to obtain excellent results.

Our goal is to create the best version of every written work in a short amount of time. Whether you need basic proofreading or the more thorough copyediting, we can send back your 800-word document in one hour or sooner! Click here to learn more.


Beat That Deadline

Do other chores or run errands, and in one hour or sooner, your document is ready for submission or publication.

Aside from our commitment to quality, we make it our goal to deliver all documents on time. We try to help ease your deadline worries, so just sit back while we take care of your document. Click here to learn more.

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1-Hour Proofreading

$ 9 per page
Minimal edits before publication
*Grammar, punctuation, and spelling check
800 words/hour
1 page = 300 words
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1-Hour Copyediting

$ 12 per page
Thorough and detailed editing
*Adherence to style
400 words/hour
1 page = 300 words
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No Rush!

$ 0.026 per word
Combined copyediting & proofreading
*Extensive line by line editing
*Topnotch quality, big savings
3,000 words/12 hours
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Meet the amazing team behind 1-Hour Proofreading

1-Hour Proofreading understands that deadlines are crucial, and most of the time, the rush to meet deadlines makes you prone to mistakes. Don’t let your document go to waste because of poor quality. Let our professional and dedicated team bring out your document’s full potential without worrying about the deadline. Our team can have your document ready in as quickly as one hour. Our professional editors are well versed in the English language and in various style guides, such as the Chicago Manual of Style, APA, Harvard, and Oxford, among others. With substantial years of experience in editing a wide range of documents, from academic and professional papers, fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, to blogs and web content, our editors are more than capable of having your work professionally edited in a short period of time. [Let's get started!]