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What’s Your Style? The CMS Format

Academic papers always follow a style guide. More often than not, these style guides are APA, MLA, or CMS. The CMS or the Chicago Manual of Style was created by the University of Chicago Press. Although the CMS is sometimes used for research in the humanities, it is more often utilized as a publication style guide.

In text Citation CMS

Started in 1891, the CMS used to be just a simple pamphlet used by editors and typesetters. As the influx of published materials grew, so did the CMS. Now in its sixteenth edition, the CMS is over a thousand pages long.

Because the CMS is more for general publication than academic papers, it is a lot less complex and more flexible. While it dictates margin sizes and spacing, font type and size are generally up to the writer. The CMS is also traditional in the sense that it has strict guidelines on block quotations. Also, it prefers footnotes and endnotes for citation.

The CMS also discusses several major paper sections, including the title page, body, references, footnotes, tables and figures, and headings. There are recommended CMS formats for various kinds of works.

The CMS is also one of the fastest style guides to adapt. It is revised nearly every year to respond to technological advancements. It also provides supplementary guidelines to accommodate Internet-based research and improved publication technology.

The CMS format is the top style guide of choice for novels and short stories. If you have worked on something long and feel the need to have another pair of eyes examine it, look no further. 1-Hour Proofreading provides editing services for all types of papers. Moreover, our editors are highly experienced in the CMS format and will guarantee that your work is one step closer to publication.

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