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Closing the Query: Shudder vs. Shutter

Feb 27, 2019

You’re working on a horror piece. You’re setting the suspense up. You write, “The man moved around the house, his shadow moving like snakes behind the shudders.” You pause—was it shudder or shutter? They sound so alike that it’s easy to confuse them with each other. But we’re here to tell you that they’re not in any way interchangeable. Using one in place of the other can be an instant mood killer—not to mention confusing. It’s time to shine a light on shutter and shudder. Apart from having similar spellings, both shudder and shutter can be a verb and a noun, although one might find that the former is more often used as a verb whereas the latter is usually used as a noun. Note tha......

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Do the Writing: How to Start Writing Fiction and How to Get It Done

Feb 26, 2019

  Bursts of motivation are the muse of a creative writer. One minute, you’re on fire as you write several chapters in mere hours. Then suddenly, the engines start to sputter, ultimately coming to a screeching halt. That’s when we ask ourselves, “Now what?”   Sometimes, motivation isn’t enough. If we’re actually going to finish a story, we need motivation and discipline. Throw in lots of creativity and self-assurance too! We’ve got some new rules for you to follow if you want to get that novel of yours started. Let’s count ’em!   Take your novel seriously and start putting it on paper. One of the first thing......

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Showtime Resurrects Penny Dreadful for Sequel Series

Feb 25, 2019

  Two years following its surprising series finale, Penny Dreadful will be returning to Showtime for a limited revival series. The announcement was made on November 1 via Penny Dreadful’s Twitter account, a poster, and the caption “Sometimes what’s dead doesn’t always remain.”   Penny Dreadful: City of Angels will be set in New York in 1938, “a time and place deeply infused with Mexican-American folklore and social tension.” The conflict of the new series will be between Santa Muerte and the devil and their alliances. The series will feature all-new characters.   Penny Dreadful earned a cult following back in its rel......

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Grammar Chaos: The D(eal) with Adverse and Averse

Feb 20, 2019

What makes someone adverse or averse to others? What is the difference between these two terms besides the presence of the letter d? We’re here to let you know! It’s perfectly normal for any person to feel displeasure. Some people actually dislike the smell of flowers, while others detest studying in silence and would rather blast music while reviewing their notes. Come to think of it, lots of other negative words start or are associated with the letter d, such as detriment, discomfort, damnation, dullard, and difficult. However, between such negative terms as, for instance, adverse and averse, is there a significant difference besides the presence/absence of that one letter? Tho......

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Blogging 101: Nailing the First Impression: Ten Tips on Writing Your First Blog Post

Feb 19, 2019

When meeting people, first impressions matter. The same principle applies when creating your blog. Here are ten tips to help you nail your first impression online. Read Blogs If you’re a beginning blogger looking to break through the business, you need intel. Find popular blogs that are similar to the type of blog you plan to create. Established bloggers have already found out what type of content attracts readers. Moreover, doing this will give you the insight on whether or not you should continue your plan or find an even better niche to work in. Use the intel you gather to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their blogs as well as finding opportunities and threats to......

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Looking for Alaska finds its Leading Stars

Feb 18, 2019

Years after the movie that never came to be, fans of John Green’s acclaimed YA novel, Looking for Alaska, are in for a treat. Hulu announced that the novel will be adapted for a limited series and that it found its leading stars. Published in 2005, Looking for Alaska was John Green’s debut novel. The novel received both commercial and critical success, receiving the American Library Association’s Michael L. Printz award and being honored as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Best Young Adult Novels of All Time. Looking for Alaska tells the story of Miles “Pudge” Halter, a teenage boy who enrolls in a boarding school to gain more experience. There he meets and falls in love with the enigm......

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The Fact of Fiction: Defining and Distinguishing Fiction

Feb 12, 2019

Imagining scenarios and dreaming up fictional worlds is all fun and games until they have to be put on paper. Suddenly, there are rules to be followed, and even fiction has its fair share of them. So just what defines and distinguishes fiction? Funny enough, the history of fiction is linked to the origins of the word history itself. The earliest lead is from way, way back in the 12th century. Back then, books were uncommon. It’s rather questionable why books wouldn’t be popular, but that's a debate for another day. Now despite that, there was one household title almost everyone knew: the Bible. When in doubt, it’s always good practice to go back to the basics. Here are some relev......

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JRR Tolkien’s Final Book Published

Feb 11, 2019

The Fall of Gondolin by JRR Tolkien was published last August 30. Reports say that the short story could be the author’s final posthumous book. The story details the founding of the elven city of Gondolin and occurs after the events in The Tale of Beren and Luthien, published in 2017. Both stories are considered part of Tolkien’s The Lost Tales. The book was edited by Christopher Tolkien, son of JRR Tolkien, who writes in the preface that the book is “indubitably the last.” Christopher Tolkien collected different versions of the story written by his father presumably from 1917 to 1951. The book contains all the versions written by Tolkien, with additional notes and explanations f......

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