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Why You Should Outsource Your Data Processing Needs

Mar 26, 2019

The fast pace of today’s world demands a lot from companies. From start-ups to major players, companies are pressured to generate huge profits while reducing the cost of their operations without sacrificing quality and brand reputation. Data processing tasks have been a huge burden to many companies as they take time away from more important job functions. Hence, many have turned to outsourcing as a solution. Outsourcing Outsourcing is a business practice where certain portions of work are being completed by suppliers instead of within the company itself. Small- and medium-scale enterprises often turn to outsourcing because they cannot afford to hire employees. Many known star......

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Bird Box Review: Looking Outside the Box

Mar 24, 2019

Imagine this, boating through a vast river. Simple, right? Now add this up, boating with two kids on the boat and then riding that boat in a postapocalyptic world where supernatural entities have killed off most of the population by forcing anyone who looks at them into suicide. You have no other choice to escape, survive, and stay alive—but all of these have to be done blindfolded. “All of it is heard, none of it is seen.” Such is the theme that led Bird Box into having the biggest first-week success of a Netflix movie, with the film being watched by about 45 million subscribers. Bird Box is a postapocalyptic thriller film released in 2018, which had its world premiere at the Am......

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Reviving Youth, Representing Minorities, and Reimagining the World: David Levithan

Mar 21, 2019

Since David Levithan’s first novel came out in 2003, he has been making waves not only in the literary industry but also in the hearts of young men and women. Levithan is most known for his vivacious and captivating romance titles, some of which present themes often deemed unusual as ordinarily as they should be. With titles like Boy Meets Boy, Two Boys Kissing, and Every Day, Levithan has given readers in and out of the LGBTQIA+ community tales to swoon over and find themselves in. Born in 1972 (some sources say it’s September 7, but we can’t be too sure) in Short Hills, New Jersey, Levithan himself described himself as fairly well-adjusted from childhood up to adulthood. Levitha......

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The Burning Question: Is It Favor or Fervor?

Mar 20, 2019

Feelings can be just as confusing as words that sound almost identical. Favor and fervor are two such words, and the emotions associated with them can sometimes be just as discombobulating. For better self-expression and language mastery, it helps to know the distinction between the two—so let’s get on with it. Both favor and fervor are nouns that define inclinations or feelings toward certain things or persons. Coupled with their similar spelling, this makes this pair even more confusing. However, an important difference between the two is that one serves to amplify such feelings and the other expresses it. The amplifier here is fervor, and it denotes an “intensity of feeling o......

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Tips and Tricks of the Blogger Trade

Mar 19, 2019

Today the Internet is chock-full of blogs. Whether you’re looking for baking tips, political insights, fitness regimens, or fashion trends, there’s definitely a blog for those. Many websites also offer platforms that allow anyone to start a blog of their own with just a few clicks. Yes, the Internet is loaded with blogs, but not everyone “makes it.” Creating a blog for fun or leisure is easy, but if you want to go big, you’ve got to go viral. In Internet lingo, “going viral” means being spread rapidly or being shared multiple times on various social media channels. Going viral is no easy feat, especially for newbie bloggers. For all wannabe bloggers out there, we interviewed the......

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When Love Arrives: Jojo Moyes

Mar 14, 2019

If you’re the type of reader who’s into dramatic stories and swoon-worthy romances, try to reach for a novel by Jojo Moyes the next time you’re looking for something to read. Once a hard-core journalist, romance author Jojo Moyes has entranced millions of readers worldwide with her international best seller Me Before You. Pauline Sara-Jo Moyes, better known as Jojo Moyes to her readers, was born in Maidstone, England. Moyes always knew that she was going to be a writer and had already done different writing and writing-related jobs even before she entered university. She used to work as a Braille typist and as a brochure writer at Club 18-30. Moyes continued on her path to becomin......

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Grammar Chaos: Confounding Compound Adverbs

Mar 13, 2019

If you studied English grammar, you probably know what compound words are. These are two (or more) words joined together to create new words. Pretty much the same works for compound adverbs; what differs is function. Compound adverbs, also called compound modifiers, are compound words specifically used to modify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, or entire clauses. Sometimes, compound adverbs are called adverbial phrases when they are made of multiple separate words. Compound adverbs are everywhere, and English does not exactly have specifics about compound adverbs. The biggest problem about these adverb compounds is knowing when and when not to hyphenate. Here are some easy tricks......

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From the Ground Up: The Foundations of World-building

Mar 12, 2019

Some of us have dreamt of living in another world with magic, advanced technology, and fantastical creatures. However, this daydream can be a bit tedious when we start applying it to our stories. World-building creates the environment that your characters interact with. It also helps readers distinguish this fascinating world from real life. What made Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children special was... well, the peculiar children who could make plants grow instantaneously or float right up into the clouds, right? Making unique worlds come to life is one of the best things a writer can do. But having the fate of a world on our shoulders is a daunting task, no? It’s understa......

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