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Blogging 101: Trolls Gonna Troll—How to Deal with Online Hate

Apr 09, 2019

Have you encountered Internet trolls or hate posts/comments while blogging? We’re here to give you some tips on how to keep it classy while addressing this common but pesky issue. Nowadays, people, especially bloggers, have a tendency to expect hateful or discouraging comments as soon as they post something new online. Think of it as a self-precaution or a shock absorber. Internet trolls are fond of using insults or discrediting techniques to put these people down or devalue their contributions—blog posts, artworks, even opinions. Some bloggers and content creators power over these hateful comments and go about their merry way. Sadly, however, others take a huge step back and even......

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The Bonds That Hold and Harm: A Review of The Haunting of Hill House

Apr 07, 2019

The latest on-screen adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel, The Haunting of Hill House (2018), is far from the first ever modern “haunted house” series to grow rapidly in popularity and critical acclaim. However, fans still laud Hill House as a worthy contender in the horror genre, praising its ability to both pay tribute to and subvert popular tropes and commending its multilayered storytelling. Indeed, underneath the seemingly simple “ghost story” lies such heavy themes as depression, abuse, trauma, and the dire consequences of long-term family estrangement. The 10-episode Netflix series, created by Mike Flanagan, contains a number of deviations from Jackson’s original work......

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An Iris through the Cracks: Louise Glück

Apr 04, 2019

Considered one of the most iconic female contemporary poets in the United States, Louise Glück has awed her readers with several poetry collections that emanate such precision and emotion. Her lines are straightforward but full of meaning, showcasing beauty in cold isolation, much like a solitary flower grows through the cracks of a stone wall. Glück was born in 1943 in New York City and grew up on Long Island. In 1961, Glück graduated from George W. Hewlett High School and later attended Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University. Around seven years later, Glück published the first of her many poetry collections, Firstborn (1968), followed by The House on Marshland (1975), Th......

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Into the Specifics of “Instill” and “Install

Apr 03, 2019

On top of having similar functions in sentences, some word pairs are spelled in almost the same way. “Instill” and “install” are two such words, having only one phonetic difference that could easily be mistaken for the other when spoken aloud. But however similar these two are in spelling and pronunciation, they are in no way interchangeable—they mean two different things. The similarity between “instill” and “install” can be drawn from their shared prefix “in-,” which means “into.” Their root words “still” and “stall” seem like variations of each other, but they actually come from two distinct Latin words. “Instill” takes most of its meaning from the Latin word “stillare,” “to dro......

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Do Blogs Bring Fake News?

Apr 02, 2019

As people become more politically aware through information on their social media, cries of “fake news” emerge from different camps trying to battle what they feel to be unethical journalism. While these complaints can sound like a public-relations strategy to keep politicos’ names clear of the dirt they’re receiving on the morning papers and the evening news, at face value, it’s a fair-enough concern. After all, it’s no secret that media corporations get to control the way that stories get framed for public consumption. But what about when common people disseminate news through their own social media platforms, like their personal blogs? Do news bloggers escape journalistic responsibi......

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Rainbow Rowell: Reimagining YA

Mar 28, 2019

Just when everyone thought young adult literature had hit a dead-end, with the genre comprising whatever the trend calls for—be it supernatural romances, dystopian revolutions, biographies of manic pixie dream girls, or overdone meet-cutes—one author did the unprecedented and offered a fresh take on these stories, all still injected with certain elements that are sure to capture every YA fan. This author is Rainbow Rowell. Rainbow Rowell worked in journalism before making a name as a novelist. She was a columnist and copywriter at Omaha World Herald for seventeen years before moving to an ad agency. While working in advertising, she wrote novels on the side. In 2011, her first man......

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Get in Formation: Differentiating “Regime”, “Regimen”, and “Regiment”

Mar 27, 2019

So many words in the English language end up sounding and looking alike, despite how far apart the meanings could be. This is often because the English language is pretty much made up of words from other languages, plus years and years of language evolution. More often than not, however, words that are spelled alike have similar root words or a usage similarity that can be traced historically. Such is the case for the words “regime”, “regimen”, and “regiment”. These three words are pretty confusing and are interchanged from time to time. This happens not only because they are spelled and pronounced similarly, but historically, two of these three words were actually once synonyms.......

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Character Development, Literally: Making Memorable and Substantial Characters

Mar 26, 2019

Fictional worlds are interesting and all, but it’s really the people in them that we relate to. Characters are the story players we get attached to (and cry about). They’re also the ones who drive the plot of the story as they affect and are affected by the world they move in. If only making characters were as easy as throwing sugar, spice, and everything nice into a container, then spilling Chemical X all over it. Sadly, as writers, we can’t create characters by smashing random things together. Like the people around us, they need backgrounds, personalities, and roles to be complete and believable. It does take a lot of careful planning and reflection (and maybe head-scratching......

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