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Bloggers to Get Exciting Benefits from Using 1-Hour Proofreading

Aug 30, 2016

New Jersey, August 30, 2016—In today’s world of social media, blogging remains relevant in developing web presence and creating web content that appeals to particular target markets. Blogs, especially those created specifically for business, often are foundations for a company’s social media platforms. Additionally, they are fundamental in showcasing the longer form of generated content, and as such, they are tools with which it is easier to make web-sustainable published material. It is thus necessary that bloggers ensure their materials are published right. Before making it available for public consumption, blog entries must be free from errors, be they errors in grammar, syntax......

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Professional Copyediting Team 1-Hour Proofreading Ready to Help Out Authors

Aug 21, 2016

Authors have to maximize their resources; thus, picking the right editorial service for proofreading and copyediting is paramount. As the self-publishing industry starts to mature in the digital age, more options are made available for authors, particularly in editing and proofreading services. The necessity of editing manuscripts is a standard, but the question on which editorial relationship should be taken by authors or just the need for an outside editor are just some of the monumental changes in the industry. There are many examples of successful self-published works such as Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James and The Martian by Andy Weir, but there are more works cropping......

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About the Cursed Child Not the Boy Who Lived

Aug 08, 2016

I am not ashamed to admit that when I heard the news that there would be an eighth Harry Potter story, I freaked out. Honestly, any self-respecting Potterhead would, right? I mean, we get more of the Potterverse, and when is that ever a bad thing? Sure, Fantastic Beasts looks pretty splendid too, and Newt’s got a lot cooler fashion sense, but there’s just something so different about hearing and reading about the characters we already know and love, the same characters we grew up and learned Quidditch and defeated Voldemort with. ...

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Proofread Legal Drafts with 1-Hour Proofreading for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

Aug 07, 2016

For legal professionals, even the most harmless of typos have to be proofread and eliminated. The legal field has one of the strongest cases to be stringent on any typo as not only lawyers are affected but also their clients and their firms. And this is not just limited mainly to law firms since legal writing has a very broad audience, such as legislative professionals, the media, and so on. The simplest minutiae can be controversial. One of the more contentious lawsuits against Obamacare is due to a typo in a specific clause that invalidated tax subsidies for an estimated 6.4 million American citizens. While the Supreme Court ruled favorably for Obamacare, Chief Justice John Ro......

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Get Ready for the Greatest Fall

Aug 02, 2016

They say falling in love is not for everyone, but they also say that the mere process of falling is something that is exhilarating and exciting, making your heart beat just that little bit faster and your cheeks just that little bit warmer and your smile just that little bit wider. Many find falling the best experience in life, as evidenced by all the songs, poems, novels, and films in existence. Falling is something that inspires art, and many have found the art in falling too. For some, though, falling is just not worth all the pain and heartbreak and confusion that come with it. For them, falling in love is equal to falling tears. Who can blame them, really, when the stories o......

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Copyediting from 1-Hour Proofreading Ensures Credibility for Organizations and Businesses

Jul 24, 2016

Typos are associated with lack of credibility for most people, which is why proofreading is essential for any organization or business. Typos can range from hilarious to downright costly. But even the funny ones can also cost a hefty amount, especially for businesses and organizations. Simple misspellings can already affect credibility. Charles Duncombe, an online entrepreneur, told the BBC that spelling mistakes can cut sales in half. Particularly for online retailers, Duncombe explains, 90 percent of transactions online rely on the written word. Businesses have to ensure the content in their sites are error-free to retain their credibility as people are concerned with potenti......

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Quick and Efficient Proofreading for Comic Script Writers with 1-Hour Proofreading

Jul 10, 2016

Comic book writers who make their own content usually do everything themselves, but for editing their script, an outsider's perspective might be better. Standard editorial relationships are different for big company-owned comics and independent, creator-owned content. Creative teams owned by large publishing houses require at least an editor and proofreader. For most creator-owned teams, this is an option and not a requirement. This can be explained by the fact that most creator-owned teams are usually nimble as they cannot afford to hire more people than they need. Roles such as writer, editor, and project manager are done by one person, usually the creator, to meet deadlines.......

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How Authors Can Choose Which Publishing Model to Take

Jul 06, 2016

When a manuscript is finished, it’s not yet the end destination. It’s only the start of a long journey in publishing. The biggest question for most authors is whether to get a publisher or to self-publish. Whether it’s traditional publishing or self-publishing, authors need to consider not just the pros and cons but also their own capabilities to find out which option better suits them. A major area for consideration is the amount of control an author can exert in the publication of their work. When it comes to traditional publishing, most people immediately assume loss of control for the author. What should be considered instead is that traditional publishing is a group effort. I......

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