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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Good, the Bad, and the Unfortunate

Jan 14, 2017

I am Count Olaf, the renowned actor and your new guardian. You're welcome.—Count Olaf After a mildly successful film and the end of a thirteen-novel series, fans of A Series of Unfortunate Events are sure to fawn over the latest adaptation of Snicket’s tales on Netflix. The complete first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events consisting of eight episodes was released on the streaming website on January 13, 2017. The first season adapts the first four books in the series. The series has been renewed for a second season, which will span ten episodes on the next five books, and a third season is expected to adapt the final four. The first two episodes adapt the first novel, Th......

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Amy Tan: Storyteller of Chinese American Experience

Jan 12, 2017

As individuals, immigrants experience the world differently. They are often confused in choosing between a culture that is in their blood and one that surrounds them. Amy Tan is one writer who explores the experiences of Chinese Americans as well as their families. Born in the United States to immigrant parents from China, Amy grew up with the same expectations that Asian children knew all too well. Her parents wanted her to become a doctor and a concert pianist. Secretly, she wanted to be an artist. Growing up, Amy tried her best to meet her parents’ expectations. Following several family tragedies, including the death of her father and brother, Amy earned a double degree in E......

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Grammar Chaos: Decluttering Your Documents

Jan 11, 2017

Writers, no matter the amount of experience and the caliber of skill, are prone to mistakes. They are, after all, merely human. There are mistakes that can slide right by the eyes of an inattentive reader. Redundancy is one of them. Admit it, we writers have a pretty bad habit of trying to use way too many words in an effort to impress our readers. This is why we often use redundancies and fail to spot them immediately. Many would think that redundancy is the combination of two words that have similar meaning. In fact, redundancies come in many forms. Redundancy occurs in phrases wherein the adjective or adverb used is already in the meaning of the word. Examples of this type inclu......

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What’s Your Style? The APA Format

Jan 10, 2017

When writing an academic paper, you will be required to follow a certain style book. This style book contains a set of rules for you to follow in terms of formatting, content, and citation. With the number of research papers, journals, theses, and dissertations, it can be very hard to sort through them. Style books or guides are very important as they provide uniformity to manuscripts. They make it easier to read and to look for information needed. The APA format is one of the most widely used style guides in academics. It’s used for psychology, social sciences, biology, anthropology, education, nursing, and other empirical disciplines. APA is intended to make scientific resear......

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Once Upon a Time Season 5: The Darkness Inside

Jan 07, 2017

The fifth season of Once upon a Time was a big shift for the series. After four seasons of tackling fairy tales and happy endings almost exclusively, the fifth season has moved to classic tales and started exploring the darker side of its main characters. The end of the previous season showed that things were changing in Storybrooke and in the Enchanted Forest big-time. After finding the author and discovering his incapability, Regina decided that she needed to make a happy ending for herself. Upon the lifting of the role-reversal curse, the power of the Dark One, which was previously contained in Rumpelstiltskin, found no host, and Emma had to make the ultimate sacrifice—becomi......

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Proofreading Services Provider 1-Hour Proofreading is Set to Roll Out New Updates this Year

Jan 06, 2017

After closing the year with many satisfied customers and a successful promo, proofreading services provider 1-Hour Proofreading opens 2017 with various updates on its website. Following a successful first year, 1-Hour Proofreading has proved to be a competent provider of online English proofreading services with a growing customer base in Denmark, Canada, the UK, the United States, and some parts of Southeast Asia. Founder and product owner Dhea Olesen reported that website updates are set to roll out starting January 24, 2017—one of which is a partnership with Stripe to easily support major credit card payments. More details will be shared in the coming days. Only a year after its......

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Victor Hugo: The French Romantic

Jan 05, 2017

Victor Hugo is one of the most translated French writers of all time. Despite being published in the nineteenth century, his works are loved and revered by many to this day. The youngest of three children, Hugo was born in Besancon, France, witnessing vast political changes in the country. In his lifetime, he saw the rise of the first French Empire as well as the dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte. Before becoming well-known for his novels, Hugo wrote poetry. His first volume, Nouvelles Odes et Poésies Diverses, was published in 1824. At the age of twenty, he was granted a royal pension by King Louis XVIII, and he published a second collection, Odes et Ballades, only two years la......

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Grammar Ain’t No Picnic: Double Negative, No-No

Jan 04, 2017

According to basic mathematics, multiplying two negatives result in a positive. Some people like to think that the same principle applies to grammar. Sadly, they are mistaken. In the English language, double negatives occur when two negative words are used in the same sentence, with the assumption that the overall sentence becomes a positive one. In other languages, double negatives intensify a negation. You’ve probably heard this on television shows, in films, or in music. The following lines may sound a tad familiar.   “I can’t get no satisfaction.”   “Got nothing to hide no more.”   “Ain’t no mountain high enough.” While the above sentences m......

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