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What’s Your Style? The APA Format

When writing an academic paper, you will be required to follow a certain style book. This style book contains a set of rules for you to follow in terms of formatting, content, and citation.

With the number of research papers, journals, theses, and dissertations, it can be very hard to sort through them. Style books or guides are very important as they provide uniformity to manuscripts. They make it easier to read and to look for information needed.

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The APA format is one of the most widely used style guides in academics. It’s used for psychology, social sciences, biology, anthropology, education, nursing, and other empirical disciplines. APA is intended to make scientific research easier to understand.

APA was created as a result of “information overload.” As more people sought to become professionals in the field of psychology, the number of scientific papers continued to increase as well. This made it harder for current professionals to digest the information. The solution suggested was that the papers be presented in a uniform style. Influenced by the industrialization of the decade it was born in, the APA style guide was created in 1929 with the intention to streamline research papers. Over time, APA was used by many disciplines, most notably the empirical sciences, because of its rigid, objective style.

The format dictates many things, the most basic being writing tone, content format, abstract length, required headings, punctuation, abbreviations, statistics presentation, tabulation format, in-text citation, and end-paper citation. Because it covers a lot of disciplines, APA has a very strict set of rules.

Some specific features of APA include a specific outline (title page, abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, references, and appendices), the inclusion of in-text citation, double spaces, and paragraph indents, and the preference of the Times New Roman font style. Other than the usual formatting rules, an academic paper in APA is also required to be completely objective, without any figures of speech and attention-grabbing phrases. Papers in this format must always be neutral in tone.

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