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Pilipinas Pineda: The Supermom Behind

Blogger Mommy Pehpot talked with us about the things she loves most: writing, blogging, and being a full-time mom of five.

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The name behind, Pilipinas Pineda, never pictured herself a blogger, let alone a writer. “I never really liked writing,” she shares. “I even failed my writing course in college. I was never interested in writing, especially the kind where people can read what you wrote.”

Things changed when she encountered an article on blogs. “I first encountered blogs in 2007. A blog was mentioned in a newspaper article. I checked it out, and that’s when I got hooked.”

Pineda read several blogs before even thinking about starting her own. “What got me really interested in blogging was the promise that I could earn from it. I met someone online, and she told me all about earning online and how to start a blog and so on. I wouldn’t call her an inspiration, but she did push me to launch my blog. Two years after we met, we became kumares (close friends).”

She started her mommy blog, Mommy Pehpot, in 2008. Over time, she evolved into the brand she is now: a supermom who wants to help other supermoms in the rollercoaster journey of motherhood. Her blog has five categories: Parenting, Kids, Home & Living, Events, and Personally Pehpot. She went for a mommy blog as she knew that parenting was something that she could write about well.

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“Don't get me wrong, blogging is not that easy, but with my parenting experiences, it becomes enjoyable,” she says.

On blogging habits, Pineda shares that she plans and posts at least three articles for each category. Her writing speed varies; sometimes it takes her days to create an article, other times just a few hours. She also shares that editing is a very important part of the entire process.

With her blog running for nearly a decade now, we asked her how she kept up with the demanding task of maintaining it. “I don’t,” she shares. “You don't keep up with the demands. You do what you love to do and stop when you feel like not doing it. It’s something I have learned over the years.”

We also asked her which other blogs she follows. “Mommy Peachy (of, Misis B (of, and Mommy Levy (of They are my kumares! I enjoy blogging because of them and their blogs.”

Her blog is currently hosted by WordPress, but she also shares that Blogger is a good platform. Both are easy to manage.

Finally, we asked Mommy Pehpot what her advice to first time-bloggers is. “Plan!” she insists. “Plan what you want to do and commit.” You can read her blog at and follow her on her social media. Her Facebook page is Mommy Blogger Pehpot, and her Instagram is @mommypehpot.

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