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Writing for Your Written Works: How to Develop Effective Promo Copy for Your Books

Jul 23, 2019

Writing a book is not easy. Finishing one is a major accomplishment, but it doesn’t stop there—you still have to get people to read it. In the Internet age, online marketing is one of the most convenient ways to get word of your book out to potential readers. The Internet is an accessible advertising platform, but utilizing it is not a walk in the park. What makes for effective online marketing? Digital marketing experts have come up with answers, and it’s not just about posting promos and spending money on them blindly. Consumers (including potential readers) are already bombarded with tons of advertisements every day. Photos and videos are commonplace, so what catches the attent......

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A Writer, a Warrior

Jul 16, 2019

Taking on writing as a profession is no easy feat. You’ll have to deal with many factors that could hinder your getting published. You’ll get rejections or may even be asked to compromise your work for the sake of someone else’s interest. You might feel bullied by literary critics or ignored by even the most commercial of readers. It takes a strong will and a passionate heart to continue writing even though at times you feel as if everything is going south. Notwithstanding the hardships, being a writer is definitely one of the bravest professions in the world. Freedom of speech is a basic human right. Although all of us embrace that right, some of us go a step further in their e......

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Ten Must-Read Blogs for Language Lovers and Learners

May 14, 2019

From looking up grammar guides to losing ourselves in vocabulary vortices, we’ve scoured the cyber woods of words to bring you a select list of blogs that discuss the many facets of the English language. Equal parts educational, engrossing, and entertaining, these influential blogs should be a friend to every avid reader, aspiring writer, public speaker, English learner, and word lover out there. Grammar Girl Grammar Girl has covered—and continues to cover—a vast number of grammar queries and, indeed, is often the first site that comes up for whatever grammar problem you type into your search engine. As a subsection of Quick and Dirty Tips, this blog’s appeal is its simple,......

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The Soul of Fiction Writing: Drawing the Line between Moral and Theme

May 07, 2019

Have you ever been asked what the moral and the theme of a fiction are, only for you to go, “Uh, aren’t they the same?” We know it’s blurry, but we’re here to help you draw the line. We’ve all been there. Writers and readers often interchange the terms moral and theme. As kids who loved bedtime stories and fairy tales, we were always asked what the moral of the story is or what we learned. But as we grew up, they started asking us for the theme, which we thought is just another term for the moral. So if you’re one of those adults who still mix up the moral and theme, read on. So, what’s the difference? The Question: THEME Think of the theme as the topic you want your readers t......

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Making Blogging Profitable

Apr 30, 2019

  Over time, blogging has become a jargon among most users online. It has also served as an avenue for individuals who want to express their thoughts and ideas and share their life stories, travel escapades, productivity hacks, and many others through the Internet. While it can honestly be considered a trend, the purpose of these blogs may still vary from blogger to blogger: it can be for either personal use or something to earn money from. Blogging, however, is not something to be underestimated. While many have succeeded in turning their blogs into something profitable, some have failed. To avoid falling into the traps of blogging, it’s essential to learn the ins and o......

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Blogging Bug: Building Up Your Blog-Reader Base

Apr 16, 2019

  So you’ve created your blog and reeled in some interested readers, now what? Check out these helpful pointers to maintain your reader base and keep them interested in your content!   Any seasoned blogger—or any online user, for that matter—would notice that the efficiency of the Internet keeps people either incredibly interested in something . . . or incredibly bored just as fast. Content creators in several social media platforms often come up with ways to keep their readers, viewers, and listeners hooked on to their blogs, video channels, portfolios, and so on. We’re here to offer some tips on how to not only help your reader base grow but a......

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Blogging 101: Trolls Gonna Troll—How to Deal with Online Hate

Apr 09, 2019

Have you encountered Internet trolls or hate posts/comments while blogging? We’re here to give you some tips on how to keep it classy while addressing this common but pesky issue. Nowadays, people, especially bloggers, have a tendency to expect hateful or discouraging comments as soon as they post something new online. Think of it as a self-precaution or a shock absorber. Internet trolls are fond of using insults or discrediting techniques to put these people down or devalue their contributions—blog posts, artworks, even opinions. Some bloggers and content creators power over these hateful comments and go about their merry way. Sadly, however, others take a huge step back and even......

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Do Blogs Bring Fake News?

Apr 02, 2019

As people become more politically aware through information on their social media, cries of “fake news” emerge from different camps trying to battle what they feel to be unethical journalism. While these complaints can sound like a public-relations strategy to keep politicos’ names clear of the dirt they’re receiving on the morning papers and the evening news, at face value, it’s a fair-enough concern. After all, it’s no secret that media corporations get to control the way that stories get framed for public consumption. But what about when common people disseminate news through their own social media platforms, like their personal blogs? Do news bloggers escape journalistic responsibi......

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